Line Management

control your quality and save on raw materials with our Gravimetric Blenders

Gravimetric blenders with capacities up to 2,400 kg/hr and as many as 8 components, batch or loss-in-weight continuous blending, granular, regrind or powdered material, Weighbatch have the right gravimetric blender to mix your plastic materials.  More ...

Improve Efficiency by Automatic Hopper Loading

From fully centralised vacuum loading systems with more than 78 hopper loaders to individual self contained hopper loaders Weighbatch have the plastics material handing solution to meet your needs.  More ...

Improve Quality & Efficiency, and Minimise Raw Material Usage with Gravimetric Extrusion Control

With loss-in-weight extruder throughput control systems, Weighbatch have the equipment and capability to measure and control your extruded product weight, thickness, and/or co-extrusion layers.  More ...

Get the Control and Data you Want with Centralised Line Management

Line management software. Integration of equipment into unified line control system. Recipes, material usage accrual, job management, integration with administration systems.  More ...

Other Plastics Machinery for the NZ Market

In addition to the Material Handling and Gravimetric Control product lines we also supply production machinery and components for the plastics and converting industry from other manufacturers exclusively for the New Zealand market. Please click on this link to go to our Production Machinery and Components pages.

Vacuum Loader Group 2

Reduce Transverse Thickness Variation With APC

Improve you film or sheet quality, increase down stream processing speeds, and reduce rejects. The Auto Profile Control (APC) system provides measurement and control of the transverse thickness of your extruded sheet or film to minimise thickness variations.  More ...

APC profile screen shot
mb150 web

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Machinery Agencies for the Plastic and Converting Industries in New Zealand

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